Hoosier Financial & Data Services Inc. is a service oriented company committed to providing insurance companies with tools necessary to manage medical record retrieval. The promises we make and keep are the foundation we build which allows us to be proud of the services we offer. We take great pride in our work, integrity, honesty and the commitment we make to our customers.

We know the importance of receiving your Attending Physician Statements in a timely manner, so we emphasis the “need for speed” and accuracy of APS retrieval. Our professional operators are rewarded for short cycle time and records retrieval acquisition while keeping medical records fees low. After your Attending Physicians Statement is received, it can be posted to our web site for online medical record viewing, gaining even more valuable time for your underwriting team . Online medical record viewing helps you create a paperless environment for your workflow while controlling costs and increasing productivity. Risk management is made simpler and faster for your underwriting needs.

Our website and network audited by Acunetix periodically to make sure no high and medium vulnerability risk be addressed, report available upon request.

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